questions of the day

weirdest questions on an application form:

1. vehicle: __________
type: _____ year: _________
who owns it: parents / self / rented / others: _________

(why does it matter? are you going to give me a car??? can i ask for another model then?)

2. have you been re-born? if yes please briefly explain.

(what the………??? i know what it means, but .. please deh, what does this have to do with my quality of work?)

3. have you been baptized in water? if yes please briefly explain.

(hah? @#^@#$%!^???)

4. have you been baptized in Holy Spirit? if yes please briefly explain.

(sampai sini gw udah hilang minat untuk kerja di tempat itu. hihihiihi…)

weirdest office rule:

she: “do you mind if you have to attend daily morning prayer in the chapel?”
me: “what, is it mandatory?”
she: “no, it’s not mandatory. but it’s required and the boss’d usually insist that you attend.”
me: “sounds mandatory to me then.”

(i don’t even think it’s legal to make someone attend daily morning prayer if they don’t want to.., isn’t it?)

and to think i drove all the way to lippo cikarang for this. *sighing dramatically*. i should’ve just continued driving all the way to bandung, did some shopping and relaxing, and headed back to jakarta.

come to think of it, i might do it sometime soon. planning a trip (yes, again) stresses me out. i suppose this is what you get when you try to compromise two working schedules, two different interests (outdoor and mall? come on… should we camped in the mall then?) and to top it all off, do all of the planning from half a world away. urgh.


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