family talks

the ganda-series family.

for those who happens to know me quite well know how small my nuclear family is. not many know that i also have a hugeeee extended family, both from my dad’s and mom’s side.

my grandparents from my mom’s side for example. although my grandpa was an only child, my grandma was the oldest of 9. and from my dad’s side, my grandma was the oldest of 7. and then the youngest brother got 7 children of his own. so you could imagine i have to memorize a LOT of names and relations. half of them live abroad, but many still live in indo, so i get to see them from time to time.

because of the confusing generation in my dad’s side, (my dad was 9 y.o before his brother came along..and i think he was already in high school when his first cousin was born) i get to have babies and toddlers for cousins and my youngest uncle was only 5 years older than me. which is why i can call him by name, without the usual ‘oom’. 😀 from my mom’s side is better.. at least i have cousins of the same age. and we do have plenty of doctors from both side of the family. my mom’s the only general practitioner, but all of my mom’s siblings are dentists. and then on my dad’s side….. we get more than 10 doctors in the family. some became academics (one of my grandma was a professor), many became specialists.

this was taken july 12th, 08. one of my uncle and his family (from my dad’s side) visited indo from canada (he’s a hand surgeon. his wife is a general practitioner. see, plenty of doctors!) most of us came to the reunion, although not all can make it. many has died (including my grandma/grandpa, and several other grandmas grandpas) but we do have a lot of additional to the family (hence the little cousins!!). for figurative purposes, hence the whole family showed up for the photo, it’ll be twice as big. this was only half of the family member. :>

it took plenty of takes to get the perfect pic where everybody is IN the pic and not looking weird or got cut off the frame. 😀 this was the most perfect. 🙂

i can’t imagine how the photographer would take the pic if everybody had showed up. 😀

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