what i do when i’m bored

while blogwalking i stumbled upon this cute blog. i don’t know who she is but she has some quirky sense of fashion. i don’t think i like her personal choices, but it does look good on her. and then i found out she does art work. here’s an example:

what more can i say by ~poop-art on deviantART


speaking of nice, i had a nice bordering on wonderful weekend too. started with a trip to the plasa senayan theatres to watch startrek (unlimited buy one get one free for mandiri debit? haha! move over bca!!), followed by shoe shopping and then dinner at pancious. i got myself a reebok to replace my broken nike. and since i’ve recently tossed out my old shoes and sandals, i have more room to buy new ones. i do need a formal shoes for work when it gets serious.

so on sunday after church i went to TA with my parents to go hunt for more shoes. i got two.. :p :p :p one red and white flats from choccolat, and another cute nude flat from yongki. i wanted to buy a formal looking flat from choccolat, but it doesn’t sit right on my feet so i decided to buy the nude color, which is more comfortable, cheaper and cuter. 😀 and more. i love sale season. i just hope i still have money to pay for my credit card bills. 😀

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