next destination: north & south

YAYYYY!! after months of searching and discussions, i finally have the courage to book the tickets. it’s all set now. im going on a 2 weeks break heading for australia! ahaaaahahahhaha. am so excited about that.

but before that, me and my parents are going to spore to watch CATS. that ought to be good. sayang niat ke jogja dan sekitarnya malah belom kesampean. ntar deh. kumpulin duit dulu.


2 thoughts on “next destination: north & south

  1. wow.. that would be a great journey..Honetsly, sampe skrg aku belum ada kesempatan ke liar negri lho.. barusan bikin paspor.. berhubung kalo ada NPWP bebas fiskal hehe..CATS itu apa ? 😀

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