i might be a witch.. :D

weird. last night whilst wandering around in kinokuniya grand indo, i accidentally stumbled upon a book called the alchemyst, the secrets of the immortal nicholas flamel.

of course then i bought the book (IDR 122,000. mahal juga cing, buat buku anak2) and started reading it. sedikit mengganggu memang, karena pertama kali kenal nama nicholas flamel kan dari serial harpot yang pertama, dimana dibilang kalau si dumbledore berteman baik sama si om flamel ini. but buku ini tidak ditulis oleh jk.rowling, dan kelihatannya sama sekali tidak berhubungan dengan serial harpot (although i much wish it had…! it would make a nice spin-off).

in fact buku ini ditulis oleh michael scott… dan semua karakter dewasa yang ada di buku ini (selain om flamel ada juga perenelle flamel dan john dee, the antagonist) ternyata memang a living legend, and stories about them (well, actually maybe only on om flamel) quite often make an appearance amongst modern literature. yang paling tenar sih ya di serial harpot itu.

so far gw baru baca bbrp halaman buku the alchemyst ini, and i’d have to say that as a literature ignorant who still thinks nicholas flamel as one of the most powerful alchemyst in the wizarding world, it is a bit disturbing to read about om flamel as a healthy modern age grandpa who has the ability to throw invisible energy sphere without using his wand. 😀 of course, this was before i did my research properly and found out that om flamel actually did live and worked on the philosopher’s stone (what?!) and that he really did (well, supposedly) live a long life because of the use of that stone. although wikipedia (and the book) mentioned the existence of the book of Abraham. (yes, it might’ve been abraham the jew who literally went out of his way to follow God’s order and move out into the deserts, and who’s the founding father of israel.)

arggh… this is too much to take. i still can’t take the harpot world out of my head, and the mere mention of nicholas flamel heightens my hope that jk.rowling is on the move again to write more of the wizarding worlds. i guess i’d have to bury my hopes for a while (or at least be contemporarily satisfied with tales of beedle the bard :D). tapi dengan melihat kenyataan yang kayak gini, gw jadi kepikiran dua hal:

1. berarti karakter2 yang ada di novelnya jk.rowling, well at least half of them(?), were based on real legends/stories, yes? and that she’s mixing facts/legends/myth with pure imagination. cool!!! way to go rowling!! woohoo!!!

2. apakah ini berarti ada kemungkinan wizards/witches truly do exist in our world, but as rowling had already stated in her novels, that they hide their existence from us, mere muggles? kalau iya, do i dare dream that one day i will live to see a time when muggles and wizards will live peacefully side by side, and that one day i’d be able to watch a quidditch worldcup tournament?? oh boy oh boy oh boy..

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