what i did on new year’s eve/day

yes, i did win that round!!! 😀 or at least i didn’t drop the stack. 😀

we also lighted some firecrackers, although not successfully at first (3 of them ran-amok and we had to take cover… . how embarrasing!) and less successfully later (what we had left were the cheap ones, whilst the next door neighbor had a big and expensive one… . again… how embarrassing!). after 00:00 hour we ended up playing uno and wii. quite fun.

now, in two weeks time my bro and sis are coming to town from afar… and my sis has bought me 7 books i wanted. YIPPYY! finally will have lots to read. and she already bought me my birthday present! weeee….. me loveeee early birthday presents! haha.

but mostly i can’t wait for sincia!! the whole family will finally be united again, even if only for a week. gak papa deh. at least gw gak jadi anak tunggal lagi.. ada yang bisa diajak brantem lagi.. dan ada yang bisa diajakin blanja ke ambas lagi.. haha! menyenangkan!!!

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