the lion sleeps tonight.. indeed

phew. kemaren seru banget! jadi ceritanya cucu bikin pensi, dan anak2 itu masing2 bawain 1 lagu (sebetulnya sih playback.. mereka lipsync doang) di depan penonton. hihi. seru loh! bikin panggung segala. jadi kayak mau kondangan di kelurahan yang suka pake dangdutan lokal…. 😀
semuanya having fun (although bbrp sampe mo pingsan saking kecapean dan kepanasan… abis total banget sih aktingnya!) and i took lots of photos and a couple of videos as well….. sayang gara2 video terakhir gw jadi malah gak bisa ambil foto pas all cast and crew ngucapin slamat taun baru. damn. padahal cast komplit tuh! hrghhrhg.

apart from the fun, there were also some minor hiccups regarding a certain someone/jerk. i’m receiving lots of complains already, and i don’t mind saying, i have a few complains regarding him too!!! @^@$@#%!! but thankfully i was able to restrain myself from exploding on his face. 😀 i don’t know how long i can keep my patience. anyways… don’t wanna talk about the jerk anymore!! gotta keep cool. *inhaleeeeeeeee*


ha! so, after a long yesterday, i can finally go back to my holidays.. leyeh2ing at home, enjoying delicious home-cooked meals and plenty of savories and snacks. my dad was feeling quite generous so he took us to sari pan pacific hotel, and we bought a variety of petit-fours, a bit of salami, chocolates, and munchies (a bit of palmie, a bit of the nut cracker thing, and a bit of merengue). fantastic!! haha. i’m definitely gaining all the weight ( / ass) back after a week of diarrhea. and then to top it all off, my mom had to make lumpias (i helped! haha.. i can cook!). delicious. i’m now officially fat and happy.

and i spent the rest of today by watching these two hillarious guys. people, if you don’t know them already, lemme introduce you to them. let’s give it up….. foooooorrrr…. *jrengjrengggg*


now you might’ve seen and remember them for this:

but this is also my favorite.


awimbawa awimbawa..awimbawa awimbawa..awimbawa awimbawa..awimbawa awimbawa.. . in the jungle… the mighty jungle… the lion sleeeeppss tonaaaiiiitttttt…………..

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